Petcam for People, Smartphone for Pets

Being away from your beloved pet is never fun, especially when you are too busy to check in with them. What are they up to? Do they need help? Are they lonely?

PetBot is the very first device with petificial intelligence that will watch over your pet and will notify you if there is something happening! Using a treat dispenser, built in camera and speaker, PetBot will automatically send you pet selfies and bark/meow messages from your pets to give you peace of mind.

Call Your Pet

Tell your pet that you love them or play some calming music to help with pet separation anxiety with PetBot's speaker.

See Your Pet


Live video of your pet through our free iOS and Android apps!

Treat Your Pet


Reward your pet with a tasty treat right from your smartphone! Useful for training or stimulation when you have to be away.

PetBot Watches Over Your Pet

Yup! Pets can now send you selfies from home!
— HuffPost Live

Get Pet Selfies

Be the first to know if something is happening with your pet. PetBot allows your pet to send you bark/meow notifications or pet selfies to brighten up your day and to give you peace of mind.

Use Treats of Your Choice

With multiple treat gears, PetBot allows pet owners to choose the treat size of their choice. We don't want our pets to get too fat!

PetBot Safety

Worried that your pet will get to your PetBot? PetBot has wall mounts at the back so you can hang it high up on your walls so that even your bigger pets can't get to it.

PetBot Donations


Share your love for pets! Each PetBot owner will have the option to receive pet selfies from one of our supported animal rescues. Donate to one of our PetBot supported animal shelters and receive a personalized Pet Selfie from the shelter!

Future PetBot Features

This is what we have all been waiting for!
— SkyNews

PetBot Decals and Colors

Customize the look of your PetBot!


PetBot Time Capsule

Track and relive the memories of your pet through a pet-selfie timeline!


Low Treat Level Notifications

Informs you when you need to reload the treats in your PetBot.


Pet Position

Is your pet sitting, lying down, or jumping? This feature will be the engine that drives automated training.


PetBot Privacy Monocle Cover

Privacy accessory that fits on your PetBot's eye and looks great too!


PetBot Scheduler

Schedule pet-selfies to be taken at specific times to stimulate your pet throughout the day!


Bark Type Recognition

Does your dog sense an intruder? Is he depressed? Is he happy? This feature will let you know.


PetBot Hub

The future of pet wearables! Connect your pet fitbit or other smart collars to PetBot to get even more insight into how your pet is doing when you are away.


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Final Words

We created PetBot to improve the quality of life for all pets and pet owners, by creating a hub for pet-related devices. We wanted to create a rich and interactive environment for pets and owners. Now, pet owners have the ability to feel closer to their pets when they’re not home.
— The PetBot Team